Year 4

Welcome to Badger Class!

I’m Mr Sawyer and I’m excited to be the teacher of Badgers Class. My favourite subject is Maths but I also studied Sport Science at University so I love PE and Science as well!

In Badger Class, we like to think about how we learn effectively and how we can always find ways to improve. We have high expectations of what we can do and support each other in different ways. Knowing our multiplication facts, up to 12 x 12, by the end of Year 4 is really important. In June, we will do a Multiplication Tables Check, like all the other Year 4s in the country. Throughout the year, we will focus on learning our multiplication tables facts to ensure that we are efficient mathematicians. We know that learning new knowledge and remembering facts is important so, as a result, we do lots of retrieval practice activities to help our learning stay in our long-term memories. We use our knowledge organisers to help us learn key knowledge. Most importantly, we want to be engaged in our learning, be challenged by our learning and have fun whilst doing it! 

Our PE days are Thursday and Friday.

See our Welcome to Year 4 Presentation here